Abraham Rotstein: Drafts, 1951-1960

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Title: Abraham Rotstein: Drafts, 1951-1960
Author: Rotstein, Abraham
Abstract: Abraham Rotstein: Drafts, 1951-1960. 1. “Towards a General Theory of the Economy”, 1960. 2 drafts, pp.1-24, 1759 and All That…”, n. d. pp.24-33, 3. “Not by Organization Alone”, 1958. pp.34-49, 4. “The Concept of the Economy and the Underdeveloped Areas”, 1960. pp.50-67, 5. “Meeting the Soviet Economic Offensive”, 1958. pp.68-76 6. “Is Economic Coexistence Possible?”, 1959. 2 drafts. pp.78-98, 7. “The Reality of Society”, 1960. pp. 99-101, 8. “Robert Owen”, 1958. pp.102-132, 9. “The Two Meanings of ‘Economic’” – Draft of a Master’s Essay, 1952. pp.133-171, 10. “Preliminary Statement for a Proposed Master’s Essay”, 1951. pp. 172-174. 11. “Expanded Outline of a Proposed Master’s Essay on the ‘Two Meanings of Economic’”, 1951. pp.174-188, 12. “Outline of the Argument for a Proposed Master’s Essay on the “Two Meanings of ‘Economic’”, 1951. pp. 189-193, 13. “Notes of Interview with Karl Polanyi, June 28, 1951. The Two Meanings of ‘Economic’”, 1951.pp 194-196.
Description: File contains the following typed drafts, a few are annotated, by Abraham Rotstein.Also included in the file are hand-written notes on “Summary of a lecture by Talcott Parsons, University of Toronto, Nov. 10, 1964 – The Concepts of a Society”. 5p.; and, “Outline – Chapter III – Redistribution”
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10694/297
Date: 1951-1960

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