Walter C. Neale: Articles and drafts, 1936-1964

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Title: Walter C. Neale: Articles and drafts, 1936-1964
Author: Walter, Neale C.
Abstract: Walter C. Neale: Articles and drafts, 1936-1964.
Description: 1. “Economic Accounting and Family Farming in India”, Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 7, no. 3, pt. 1, 1959. pp. 1-17. 2. “The Peculiar Economics of Professional Sports. A Contribution to the Theory of the Firm in Sporting Competition and in Market Competition”, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 78, no. 1, Fall 1964, pp.18-31. 3. “The Limitations of Indian Village Survey Data”, n. d. pp.32-72. 4. “How Did the English Get that Money? Or A Note on Numbers Systems Among Languages and Economic Quantification”, Anthropological Linguistics, vol. 5, no. 9, 1963, pp. 73-78. 5. “The Village Grain Heap”, n. d. pp. 79. 6. “The Case of New Countries”, n. d, pp. 80-102. 7. “Farm Costing Research in India”, n. d. pp. 103-109. 8. “Economies and Societies in Transition”, February 1963. pp.109-118. 9. “The Substantive Definition of the Economy: Services and Material Want Satisfaction”, n. d. pp.119-123. 10. “Land Tenure and Land Reform in Uttar Pradesh. A Summary Statement of the Argument”, n. d. pp.125-131. 11. “Comments on Steiner on Labour”, n. d. pp. 132-137.
Date: 1936-1964

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