Assessments of Karl Polanyi's works

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Title: Assessments of Karl Polanyi's works
Abstract: Assessments of Karl Polanyi's works, 1960-1981.
Description: File consists of articles, book reviews, list of review articles and draft summaries pertaining to Karl Polanyi’s world view and work. Included is Paul Meadows’s typed draft outline titled “Nine Stages in the Development of K. Polanyi’s Thought”, 1960, and a short typed summary titled “The Place of K. Polanyi in the History of (Western) Thought about Rationality and Society”, 1962. Also included in the file is Felix Schafer’s one paged typed draft titled “Some Links between the Early and the Later Work of Karl Polanyi”. The file also contains M. Hechter’s article titled “Karl Polanyi’s Social Theory: A Critique”, Politics and Society, vol. 10, no. 4, 1981, pp. 400-429; an article by Hans Zeisel, titled “Polanyi, Karl”, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 1968, pp. 172-174; and, an article by Maria Szecsi, “Looking Back on the Great Transformation”, Monthly Review, January 1975, pp. 34-45.
Date: 1960-1981

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